About us

Farmhouse Colle della Croce


“Love for land is the real aim of our company, Farmhouse Colle Della Croce, the place where our grandparents lived and worked for years. Memories and nature are the inspiration for our decision to resume the production and the sale of our delicatessen.”

Yesterday, Today… Tomorrow


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The people

Ours has always been a family run farmhouse. Our ancestors ran Colle Della Croce lands and the entire family took part in major events such as the olive harvest.

Nowadays, the company is led by Vincenzo, Laura and Daniela, who are the heart and vibrant soul of this great family.

Love for land

Our products are not only organic but also our location, San Polo dei Cavalieri, is the real value; In fact, it is an area yet unexplored and barely touched by men. That is why we guarantee our products to a defined quantity; we are able to produce more, only if the season allows it. We do care about the environment, adopting the most appropriate production techniques. We also guarantee our products quality as well as providing our customer unaffected and natural products.

Olive trees

Our farmhouse Colle Della Croce is located in San Polo dei Cavalieri, in the “Low Sabina”, north east from Rome, within the “Parco Regionale dei Monti Lucretili” area. Our estate covers just over 10 hectares and we have about 2,000 olive trees, aged from 5 to 150 years, and their are mostly: carboncellarosciolaleccinosalviana e frantoio. We do have also a large number of fruit trees including apples, pears, walnuts, cherries, almonds, hazelnuts, quinces, lemons, plums, blackberries and wild strawberries.